Best Home Boxing Equipment Setup

There are many different brands available to buy when looking for the best punching bags. If you want to get one for your own use at home then there are various facts you will need to know before you go and purchase one. For those of you who dont have a place to hang the bag, your best option would be to get a free standing bag.

You should also consider the material the bag is made out of. Bags on the market today, can come in many different types of materials. For example, there are bags made up of canvas, leather and vinyl. In my experience, leather bags hold up the best and last the longest. Fill material is also important as well. The material inside the bag will determine how it feels when you punch the bag.

Weight of the bag is one of the most important things you should consider when buying a punching bag. A rule of thumb is to pick a bag that is half of what your current weight is, give or take ten pounds. If you are just starting out, consider getting a heavy bag on the lighter side, say around 60 pounds. You dont want to end up buying a bag that you cant even move.

There are a lot of manufacturers who produce punching bags, one of the oldest and most trusted companies is Everlast, they make some really good bags. They have been around for quite a long time and are continuously launching new products. If you are a hardcore fighter I would suggest picking up an Outslayer punching bag.

Which ever brand you decide to go with, make sure the bag suits what you plan to do with it and what your capabilities are. Some bags are more for punching and others are made for both, kicks and punches.


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