Best Home Boxing Equipment Setup

There are many different brands available to buy when looking for the best punching bags. If you want to get one for your own use at home then there are various facts you will need to know before you go and purchase one. For those of you who dont have a place to hang the bag, your best option would be to get a free standing bag.

You should also consider the material the bag is made out of. Bags on the market today, can come in many different types of materials. For example, there are bags made up of canvas, leather and vinyl. In my experience, leather bags hold up the best and last the longest. Fill material is also important as well. The material inside the bag will determine how it feels when you punch the bag.

Weight of the bag is one of the most important things you should consider when buying a punching bag. A rule of thumb is to pick a bag that is half of what your current weight is, give or take ten pounds. If you are just starting out, consider getting a heavy bag on the lighter side, say around 60 pounds. You dont want to end up buying a bag that you cant even move.

There are a lot of manufacturers who produce punching bags, one of the oldest and most trusted companies is Everlast, they make some really good bags. They have been around for quite a long time and are continuously launching new products. If you are a hardcore fighter I would suggest picking up an Outslayer punching bag.

Which ever brand you decide to go with, make sure the bag suits what you plan to do with it and what your capabilities are. Some bags are more for punching and others are made for both, kicks and punches.


Bloods Gang Knowledge

The bloods street gang started in the city of Compton in Los Angeles California. They first started off in the 1970s.

The bloods were formed initially to combat against the Crip alliance. The crips are also an LA based gang that started in the 1970s.

The bloods first started off as non crip gangs. Gangs like the West side piru boys, and the Black P stones just to name a few, were the first gangs to join the bloods.

The bloods follow the traditional hierarchy of a normal street gang. The gang is made up of smaller gangs that own a certain area or turf. These smaller gangs are called sets. Each set has its own gang leader and runs on their own. Most sets do have affiliations with other sets, but their are some blood gangs that fight with other bloods as well.

The demographic consists of mainly african americans, there are both male and female gang members. Members are recruited as early as their early teens, but the age range varies from set to set. There are older members in the gang who are referred to as “OGs” or original gangsters or old gangsters.

The bloods dont have a known leader either, each leader of each subset comes together to make decisions, but because of the loose lit structure of the gang, the gang doesnt work in conjunction with each other.

Bloods are known to wear a lot of red and maroon colors. The bloods gang sign is formed by putting your fingers to make a b, or spelling out bloods with your fingers.

bloods gang sign

Here are some popular blood gang signs.

Bloods also like to wear a lot of sports team jersey, a lot of common teams they wear are, the Chicago Bulls, the 49ers and the dallas cowboys.

Choosing the right ergonomic office chair

At present, most people are familiar with the term “ergonomics” and understand that ergonomic furniture is healthier for the body because it helps maintain more natural positions that reduce stress on the bones, muscles and nerves throughout the body. But the chair of companies and ergonomists often throw around terms related to designs and features ergonomic chairs that the common consumer may not understand. Here is a list of terms you may need to know.

buying an ergonomic chair

Lumbar support: This is one of the most important features to look for when buying an ergonomic chair. This device is intended to prevent, as much as possible, the flattening of the lumbar spine that occurs to most people when seated. Lumbar supports usually work as a gentle curve in the form of record, and allow the user to sit comfortable for a longer period of time.

Adjusting the height record: This function allows the user to change the pitch the lumbar area in the back of the chair, although this feature is often interpreted as the ability to change the height of the complete file. This function can accommodate preference by different users about how and where to contact the lumbar support on the back curve.

Lumbar Depth: This function affects the size and sometimes the firmness of the lumbar curve in a folder Chairman. Since setting up the file, it can accommodate different body types and preferences of the user.

Height adjustable armrests: This feature, as the name suggests, allows the user to adjust the height of the armrests based the human body, it helps people to avoid using chairs with too high or too low armrests, which could result in the shoulders and high pressure on below the elbows and forearms or require the user to slump or lean to one side to use the arm, respectively. This feature also allows the arm to be moved out of the way during certain activities that may require a lot of arm movement.

Adjustable armrests: This function allows the user to change the distance between the armrests, the armrests are not not themselves. For an ergonomic office experience, the user does not want a chair with armrest too close, as this flare elbows and wrists cause bend to the side during activities such as data entry. This puts the user at the wrist for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Padded armrests: This feature is recommended because it prevents uncomfortable pressure on the underside of the forearms and elbows.

Backrest angle adjustment: This feature allows the user to change the angle of the backrest relative to the seat angle. The most common way to adjust the backrest is through and adjustment mechanism, however, it can also be adjusted through the bending springs or materials in the shell of the chair. The angle adjustment allows the chair back to support different degrees of inclination for the body, which in turn transfers some weight of the upper body to the chair back and relieves the intervertebral discs of the lower back . This feature also increases the angle between the torso and thighs, causing lower back to curve inward. This inward curve in the back also relieves pressure on the disc. Herman Miller make great ergonomic chairs with backrest angle adjustment.

Tilt president or Tilt: This is a function similar to the angle adjusters folder, but not the same. Chair inclination or inclination change of the seat angle the whole relative to the ground. There are two ways that this function can work.The first is a column tilt, which pivots the chair at the top of the base unit and slightly raises the knees while the rear descends. The second is called a tilt of the knee, where the pivot point is in front of the station, closer to the knees.In a reclining chair of the knee, the knee is negligible, but the rear descends in a recliner column.

Height adjustment of the seat: This function allows the user to adjust the height of the chair to allow his feet to rest comfortably on the floor or footrest, while maintaining an optimum distance from the office and keyboard.Features adjustable tires are easier to use than mechanical adjustable chairs. Humanscale makes awesome ergonomic chairs with height adjustment on them.

Adjusting seat depth: Chairs with the function are able to change the front-rear seat depth report either a folder outside of adjustment or sliding seat .For little people, a short seat pan is best to allow the person to use the folder, while a deeper provides greater stability to the large size of individuals. Haworth make chairs that have great seat depth.

Seat Adjustment Angle Pan: This function usually returns to user’s ability to change the angle of the front-rear seat. It allows the choice of a fixed angle, rather than a free-floating tilt. This feature currently allows for a forward tilt, in which the downward slope thighs. The main purpose of forward tilt is to open the angle between the trunk and thighs, inducing lordosis and reducing disc pressure ….

Equipement for your own Home Studio

If you are looking to become a producer or DJ,  you are going to need a studio at home to start recording and making beats. You cant just use any old pieces of equipment though. You need the best equipment you can get. But how do you know whats good and what isnt. Well we are here to show you what the best equipment to get for your own home studio. So sit back and read about this awesome subject.

home studio equipmentFirst you will need these things.

  • DJ controller
  • Studio monitors
  • Headphones
  • Microphone
  • Beat machine



Buying an all in one dj controller, you will be able to mix and play tracks and control the Dj software. This is important if you want to make mixes and mixtapes for people. Studio monitors are important if you want to hear the best possible version of each track. Some cheap monitors dont pick up key details in recordings or tracks. So you may not pick up any imperfections when recording. I would suggest not cheaping out on monitors. Its the same deal with headphones, dont cheap out on a set of headphones or you may lose more than just money. You will need a microphone if you plan on doing and vocal recordings. Dont buy a cheap mic, because they give lots of feedback and distortion. Finally you will need to find the best beat/drum machine to make sweet beats and good snare drum beats.

These are the things you will need to start up your own home studio. Dont hesitate to cheap out on this stuff. You get what you pay for, when it comes to buying DJ gear. The cheap stuff, is always the lesser sound quality. Online Dj guide has great reviews so you dont waste your money.