Bloods Gang Knowledge

The bloods street gang started in the city of Compton in Los Angeles California. They first started off in the 1970s.

The bloods were formed initially to combat against the Crip alliance. The crips are also an LA based gang that started in the 1970s.

The bloods first started off as non crip gangs. Gangs like the West side piru boys, and the Black P stones just to name a few, were the first gangs to join the bloods.

The bloods follow the traditional hierarchy of a normal street gang. The gang is made up of smaller gangs that own a certain area or turf. These smaller gangs are called sets. Each set has its own gang leader and runs on their own. Most sets do have affiliations with other sets, but their are some blood gangs that fight with other bloods as well.

The demographic consists of mainly african americans, there are both male and female gang members. Members are recruited as early as their early teens, but the age range varies from set to set. There are older members in the gang who are referred to as “OGs” or original gangsters or old gangsters.

The bloods dont have a known leader either, each leader of each subset comes together to make decisions, but because of the loose lit structure of the gang, the gang doesnt work in conjunction with each other.

Bloods are known to wear a lot of red and maroon colors. The bloods gang sign is formed by putting your fingers to make a b, or spelling out bloods with your fingers.

bloods gang sign

Here are some popular blood gang signs.

Bloods also like to wear a lot of sports team jersey, a lot of common teams they wear are, the Chicago Bulls, the 49ers and the dallas cowboys.